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Tournament Teams


Haverford Township Little League fields several tournament teams that compete after the regular season. Our tournament teams compete in local tournaments as well as the official Little League Tournament(s) that can lead to the Little League World Series for the 12 year old team. The following teams are formed each year, based on the availability and interest of players:

  • 13 Year Old Team - Play 50/70 baseball
  • 12 Year Old Team (may also include elite 11 year olds) - Play 46/60 baseball
  • 11 Year Old Team (may also include elite 10 year olds)
  • 10 Year Old Team (may also include elite 9 year olds)
  • 9 Year Old Team (may also include elite 8 year olds)
  • 8 Year Old Team - Player and/or Machine Pitch (may also include 7 year olds)

Player age for the teams is determined by the player's birth date and follows the age determination rules defined by Little League International.


  • All age-appropriate players in HTLL are eligible to be considered for a team. 
  • A player’s Little League age is determined according the the Little League International age determination rules
  • Players between the ages of 8 and 11 are eligible to be considered for two teams (playing up an age level); however, a player can only be selected and play for one HTLL Tournament Team.
  • 12 year olds are only eligible for the 12 Year Old Team and 7 year olds are only eligible for the 8 year old team.
  • Important Note: A player cannot play for a tournament team in another league during the District 19 Little League Tournament (end of June – mid-July, assuming that team is entering the District Tournament). This does not apply for teams at the 8 and 9 year old level.


Practices and Games

  • Each Tournament Team Manager sets his team’s practice schedule. 
  • Practices will start soon after teams are chosen, and could involve a combination of early morning, late afternoon or early evening sessions. 
  • Some days, practices may be held both in the morning and afternoon, depending on the team and age level.
  • District 19 determines the tournament dates for the Little League District Tournament; those exact dates are not typically known by HTLL until mid-June. 
  • Practices will begin on or near May 1 for some teams.
  • Games may begin as early as mid June and games can continue through the end of July.


Availability & Commitment

  • The Tournament season is defined as starting on May 1 and ending approximately August 1st.
  • With the understanding that every family schedules vacations and camp please tell us about any conflicts that will result in missing possible practice or games (on web form).
  • Players and families must make a commitment that their child will attend a high percentage of both practices and games. The acceptable percentage is determined by each team manager (and may vary from team to team). Failure to disclose a conflict now that results in missing practice or games may result in the player not being eligible for tournament team consideration in the future.  The time commitment for the younger age groups is not as restrictive or demanding as the older age groups.
  • If you have questions about practice/games conflicts – please discuss directly with the team manager before putting your son on the ballot.


Selection Criteria and Process

  • All players can submit interest for tournament
  • If more than enough for 1 team at each age level comes out - evaluations will be held.
  • All players that come out for tournament will likely be able to participate 

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